MUSIC: Beau Bostic is an American Entrepreneur, Actor, Author & Hip Hop recording artist from Red Hook Brooklyn NY. His first release was the 2011 "One Man Gang" album which embodied the classic "Take You Away" as well as "Boca To Boca". The album also showcases Beau's versatility with the club sexy "I Just Wanna Do You" & "This Is My Life" which represents his signature emotionally charged style of music. 
Beau's second album "I Am Phoenix" released in the spring of 2014 is led by the world conscious “We Hear You” which encourages various races and geographic locations to come to together. The “I Am Phoenix” album houses an array of music that ranges from club music to personal as well inspirational.        
 LIFE: Beau Bostic was born in the highly volatile Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn NY, USA. Before the age of 10 years old Beau had been exposed to his family being robbed at gun point, violence, drug abuse, homelessness, neglect, hunger and pain. After his family's house burned down they were forced to make their way into a shelter.             Being no stranger to the street life, Beau's family plunged into the New York City 80’s drug game. Between learning at his new school and adjusting shelter life Beau learned how to negotiate drug deals, avoid police and strangers, all before he learned basic math and reading.
 As the youngest of all his siblings Beau was left behind and by himself often. Entertained by fierce neighborhood rap battles Bostic developed an above average talent to rhyme very quickly. Outside of wowing his friends at school, and gaining acceptance as the youngest in the local “Street Cyphers” Beau never took his talent seriously. Instead he chose to become a college graduate and a business man.

                       While sharpening his skills in business Beau never stopped writing. What started as a diary of his trials and tribulations as a young man; evolved into a therapeutic release of his unedited and uncensored emotions. Never letting go of his talent to rhyme; Bostic put his life story into his art form. He compiled more than 20 songs in a two month span and continued on his path of being a successful business man. Always feeling alone and still moving forward with determination, dedication, and discipline there would be only one description befitting his mentality